The month of February is Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love and gestures celebrating the expression of love through gifts, attentions and Zen moments.

Among these Zen moments, we often offer a break at the spa for a relaxing massage, relaxation and well-being.

Since the massage therapist will provide all his knowledge through professional massage techniques to release muscles and tension but what about the skin? Why not take advantage of this relaxing moment to treat your skin with quality oils with or without perfume?

Very often in the winter our skin is dry, dehydrated and flaky. By asking for a massage oil that will meet your skin’s needs, you will be able to benefit from two treatments in one: a relaxing massage and a treatment for your skin. After the massage, not only will the tension disappear but the softness and radiance of your skin will be revived. Dry skin will have regained its suppleness.

Here are 3 oils of first pressure to discover to treat your skin during a massage.

Sweet almond oil (first pressure)

Rich in fatty acid, it is a fine and natural vegetable oil that penetrates easily into the skin. After a massage with this oil no need to shower! It leaves a veil of softness while improving hydration and diminishing the skin’s dryness. Sweet almond oil is also effective on stretch marks and to relieve eczema, itching etc.. It can also be found in perfumed version.

Argan oil (first pressure)

A fine oil that is not only moisturizing but also possesses exceptional virtues. Filled with omega-6 and omega-9 it is a natural anti-ageing product, it promotes healing, excellent on stretch marks. You can choose a deodorized version that does not smell hazelnut for a massage without adding perfume. If the massage continues on the head, Argan oil will act as a treatment for your scalp and the beauty of your hair. Preferably choose an organic oil that guarantees the authenticity of its manufacture and its purity. Excellent for those with skin problems (eczema, psoriasis etc.).

Natural Sesame Oil (cold pressed)

It is rich in essential fatty acids and is light and fine, it penetrates easily into the skin and nourishes it deeply. It softens and regenerates while leaving a non greasy protective film on the skin. It contains vitamin E and A, copper, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, lecithin and sesamoline.

A sublime oil to nourish the skin!

Yes it is possible to receive a beauty treatment for the skin while receiving a massage!
If you try them you won’t want to do without them.

Isabel Lapointe

Cosmecor inc.